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Student Transportation

Leesel companies have been servicing private and public school’s home-to-school transportation for nearly 40 years. Our experience reflects students of all ages. Leesel consistently provides Summer School transportation, charter trips, and services field trips and athletic programs.

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Leesel Transportation Corp

Leesel Transportation Corp provides grade K - 12 Special Education transportation for approximately 3500 New York public school children.

Selby Transportation Corp

Selby Transportation Corp provides Pre-K Special Education transportation for approximately 400 New York City public school children.

Leesel and its management team has over 40 years total pupil transportation experience; this includes over 20 years with general education, special education and summer programs. With the onset of Leesel Transportation, we also provide homeless student Home-to-School transportation.

Our management team averages approximately 18 years of experience in the transportation industry.